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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
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What first started as a hobby with a fixer-upper rental property in 2012, has since become a flourishing real estate firm, making a profound impact on Kalamazoo's rental property and affordable housing inventory.


With a passion to improve the availability of quality rental housing in the Kalamazoo community, Odyssey Properties has grown into an organization with a portfolio of over 48 rental units.

Odyssey Properties focuses on acquiring and revitalizing distressed, neglected single and multi-family dwellings, to supply Kalamazoo with high quality, affordable rental property options, on a sustainable level. It is our mission to continue finding unique ways to turn blighted housing, into respectable living spaces. 


At Odyssey Properties, it is our goal to transform Kalamazoo into the model for ethical, affordable housing. We are not only transforming Kalamazoo, MI, but the very idea of what it means to create affordable housing. This is our mission, our passion, and our business.

We seek to add and provide value to our tenants, our contractor partners, and our investors seeking healthy and secure returns for their investments in support of our vision.

Our mission is to redefine the meaning of affordable housing.

We aim to transform Kalamazoo into
the model for ethical, affordable housing.

The Team

Jake Tardani,


Meet the Director

I'm a superhero dad to 3 amazing daughters, a world traveler, a linguist, and a passionate real estate investor. I'm all about continuous self-development, new experiences, engaging conversations and giving back to the Kalamazoo community through my time, skills and abilities.

T: (269) 447-1401

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