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A Grassroots Investment Fund

Odyssey Fund is a grassroots investment vehicle with a focus on real estate, and established for the purpose of bolstering our active housing efforts in Kalamazoo, MI. 

This new entity was established to raise capital in unique and novel ways, as the sister entity of Odyssey Properties has done in real estate with rental housing.


What if there was a box into which you could put your money, wait a period of months, and then open the box to find your money has grown?

That box exists. It exists in the form of 4 walls and a roof, right here in Kalamazoo, MI.

Odyssey Properties' vision is to set the standard as the largest provider of high quality, affordable city living. To impact the community through revitalizing neighborhoods.

Odyssey Fund's vision is to set the standard for strategic investment, and lower the barrier of entry in complex forms of investing. To impact the community through providing stable returns.

Why Choose Us?

Fund Round 1: Accelerate Housing Impact

The first assignment of the this newly formed Fund is to continue pouring gasoline on what is working and growing exponentially: Odyssey Properties.

Odyssey Properties is a Kalamazoo-based real estate company established with the mission of changing what it means to create affordable housing. Transforming blighted properties through private/public syndication, we have revitalized over 30 properties using novel approaches, to actively address the growing housing shortage. Odyssey presently owns 48 rental units, all located within the City of Kalamazoo. 32 of these units are presently in-service, cash-flowing $314,400 in annual rental revenue. 16 units are in various stages of renovation, which will bring online another $163,200 in annual rental revenue within the next 12 months. A total portfolio value of over $4.5M under ownership.

This represents the first public opportunity for investment into the complex world of real estate, and the same type of returns and financial flexibility that Odyssey has provided their private investors for years.

The real estate investment strategy is simple:

Through the business model of acquiring distressed properties in all types of neighborhoods, completely remodeling them to full functionality before renting them, we're able to provide better living spaces with an economy to scale.

Risk eliminated as much as possible by the tangible brick-and-mortar assets of Odyssey Properties and predictable long-term rental income for investment security, this Fund offers a share of the aforementioned operations' profit in the form of competitive interest rates, compounded annually.

Be apart of the transformation of Kalamazoo into the model for ethical, affordable housing.

Fund Round One
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