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HUD Project: Denner St

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Project Made Possible By

Our First Revitalization in Collaboration with The City of Kalamazoo.

Odyssey Properties is the FIRST for-profit company in Kalamazoo to receive a grant from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development to create long-term affordable rentals.

It's a great honor and responsibility for us to be at the forefront of creating affordable housing.

Neglected for decades before we bought it, the roof leaked, the floors were rotted, and the windows were drafty, discarded property from floor to ceiling filled nearly every room.

This transformation is one of our favorites, in terms of how it looks, and for the fact that it represents our very first property renovation that is supported through HUD funding, with a guarantee that it'll be operated as an affordable rental home for at least 10 years.

Our commitment to creating affordable housing spans well beyond 10 years from now; we're restoring neighborhoods with the intent to create long-term housing stability for individuals and families that spurs generational changes for the better.

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