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Revitalization: S Burdick St

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Project Made Possible By

The Big Brick Building on Burdick--

A giant project of ours, restoring this beautiful building back to modern-livable condition.

When we bought this building 3 years ago, we knew it was worth saving.

We did not realize just how much clutter there really was. Frankly, we couldn't even access all of the rooms in the building, for being blocked off with walls of chairs, tables, couches, beds, boxes, books, toys, cloth, appliances and more.
Earlier this year, we tore off the unsafe, front overhang. Throughout the year, we granted the Seller grace in removing any personal property items from the building before we clear it out.

The Seller used the 5,000+ Sq ft space to store decades worth of items he'd collected over the years. Somehow, the building ended up filled top-to-bottom with a (seemingly) endless amount of "stuff".

Now, we're in full force, clearing out the building. Going on our 9th 30-yard dumpster bin, we almost have the upper level cleared entirely.

With a brand new roof, our vision for a 5-unit affordable rental property is coming to life.

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